ARCHITECTURE is a commissioned work for the Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019.

As a bar of soap, ARCHITECTURE stands as a symbolic form for architecture, a coming together of materials that facilitate social processes. It allows for expenditure through communal usage: an act of washing that connects people together. ARCHITECTURE loses its rigid form as it is used. Its fixed appearance will erode through use as it is molded by the hands that touch it. It traces a record of the material sociability via its structure and function. ARCHITECTURE pays attention to the material flows that sustain collective hygiene, while encouraging visitors to think about architecture as a social entity that evolves beyond its physicality.



The soaps are produced in factories in Guangzhou, China, connected via the Chinese online merchandising platform Taobao. Below is an example of the communication conducted during the production process:






Words on the work at Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019:


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Works by: Yujia Bian

Image credit: OAT / Istvan Virag